The International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ) shell working group was proposed and subsequently established after the 2002 ICAZ conference in Durham.  It consists of people from around the world who have an interest in shell recovered from archaeological deposits - whether that be as evidence of past subsistence strategies, palaeoenvironments, artefact production or a myriad of other things.

Members of the working group do not need to be members of ICAZ to participate, and the focus is on the inclusive exchange of ideas within the broader archaeomalacological community.

ICAZ Archaeomalacology Working Group

The AMWG is now on Facebook!

The ICAZ Archaeomalacology Working Group now has a Facebook Group.  This is a forum to share details of papers, ask questions and connect with colleagues.  The group is ‘private’, meaning the contents aren’t visible to those who haven’t been specifically approved by the page administrators.

To join the group, please go to and request to  join.  You will then be approved by one of our administrators; Matt  Harris or Robin Twaddle.