Based in Florida, Irvy has worked in many of the surrounding regions, including Central America and southeastern North America, as well as the Caribbean. His interests include zooarchaeological methods, sclerochronology, hunter/fisher/gatherer subsistence, maritime adaptations, anthropogenic change in environments as well as animal populations, and world climate. For a selection of Irvy's publications, please refer to the publications page.


Nathalie has studied shell assemblages from the Caribbean area generally, but, to date, has focused mainly on the Greater and Lesser Antilles. Temporally, her work has concentrated on amerindian pre-Columbian occupation (5000 B.C. to 1500 A.D.). Her work covers both molluscs as food remains and raw materials for artefact manufacture. To see a selection of her publications, go to the publications page. See also Nathalie's work in the Mediterranean area.