Europe - central and eastern


Jadwiga is a landsnail specialist who uses her specialist skills to gain insights into past environments and human activities. Her work to date has particularly focussed on the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, in the southeastern Małopolska uplands, Poland, and the neolithic flint mine complex of southeastern Poland including the large Krzemionki Opatowskie mine site. In addition to these major projects, she also has interests and experience in landsnails from archaeometallurgical sites, and snails of peat bogs and marshy habitats. All of these interests involved detailed knowledge of terrestrial snail ecology and palaeoecology, in which Jadwiga also specialises. A selection of Jadwiga's publications can be found on the publications page.


In addition to her work in the Near East, Marjolein focuses her research on understanding subsistence, gathering strategies, artefact production and taphonomic processes as they relate to archaeomalacology. She is also interested in the application of stable isotope analysis to issues of subsistence and zooarchaeology. To date, the focus of her European work has been on Gravettian material from Austria. For a selection of Marjolein’s publications, please refer to the publications page.


Vesna comes from a palaeontological background and specialises in the study of Quaternary vertebrate and invertebrate fauna. Her work at archaeological sites has encompassed Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic deposits, including rock-shelters and caves in Montenegro and Serbia such as Risovaca, Baranica, Malisina, Medena Stijena and Serbian Mesolithic/Neolithic sites such as Lepenski Vir and Vinča. Within archaeomalacology, Vesna has interests in fossil, marine and freshwater molluscs. For a selection of Vesna's archaeomalacological publications, please refer to the publications page.


Aldona has broad interests across the spectrum of archaeomalacology including methodological approaches, taphonomy, source determination, gathering strategies, subsistence, artefact production and trade. In addition to her research in Israel, Jordan and Syria, she has also conducted work in Poland. For Aldona's publications, please refer to the publications page.