Europe - northern


Mike is a specialist in the analysis of terrestrial snails. He focussed for 25 years on the chalklands of southern England before more recently undertaking work in the East Anglia region as well as the Mediterranean Basin. His primary research interests are palaeoenvironmental land-use and landscape reconstruction from landsnails, landsnails in archaeology, and modern landsnail ecology. For a selection of Mike's publications, please refer to the publications page. Make sure you check out his website too.


As well as her work in Croatia, Tansy has conducted research in the Orkney Islands. Her main areas of interest are in subsistence, mobility, investigations into seasonality, and the application of stable isotope analysis.


Ruby has worked on material from a variety of islands surrounding Scotland, focusing particularly on material from the Western Isles (Hebrides) and Northern Isles (Shetland). She has studied assemblages ranging from a mesolithic age to the early historic period (including later Iron Age and Norse periods). Her main interests are issues relating to gender and ethnographic analogies regarding shell-gathering and the uses of seaweed. As well as her work in Scotland, Ruby has worked on material from Near Eastern and Mediterranean sites. For a selection of Ruby's publications, please refer to the publications page.


Salumi focuses upon the Nordic countries, and especially Finland, investigating topics such as sclerochronology, radiometric and incremental dating, conservation palaeobiology, taphonomy, palaeolimnology and palaeoceanography. A selection of Salumi's publications can be found on the publications page.


In addition to his work on shell midden and artefacts in Australia, Paul participated in the excavation and analysis of the Visborg and Krabbesholm middens as a part of his Masters research. Paul's main archaeomalacological interests centre of site use patterns, seasonality determination, and the analysis of shell artefacts.


Eva's research is focused upon the Mesolithic/Neolithic transition in Europe. Presently, she is working on the cockles (Cerastoderma edule) for the Danish shell midden sites of Norsminde and Krabbesholm, investigating issues of variation in size, abundance, age and seasonality. Eva's other research avenue is the investigation of the possible diagnostic properties of landsnail assemblages at the Mesolithic/Neolithic boundary. She has observed changes in diversity and abundance at the Norsminde site as well as at Pupicina Cave site in Croatia, and hopes to follow this line of research further after the completion of her doctoral thesis.