A note from Evan Peacock

Notice of an error in Peacock and Seltzer (2008)

In an article recently published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, Peacock and Seltzer discuss freshwater mussel remains from a Middle Archaic site on the Tombigbee River in Mississippi, southeastern U.S.A. The article concerns conflicting paleoclimatic information provided by different data sets (trace elements, stable isotopes, shell size and sculpture). Unfortunately, errors exist in the discussion of stable isotopes. Because members of the archaeomalacology working group might be interested in the article, I though it would be useful to point out that the errors have been recognized and are detailed in an upcoming corrigendum in the JAS, and that they do not affect the overall conclusions of the article. These errors are the responsibility of the senior author.

Evan Peacock

Peacock, Evan, and Jennifer L. Seltzer 2008 A Comparison of Multiple Proxy Data Sets for Paleoenvironmental Conditions as Derived from Freshwater Bivalve (Unionid) Shell. Journal of Archaeological Science 35:2557-2565.