Far East


Fengjiang’s interests are in the exploitation of molluscs, especially landsnails and freshwater molluscs, excavated from Chinese archaeological sites.  His analytical interests include reconstructing subsistence strategies, investigating palaeoenvironments and assessing shell artefact production amongst many other things.  Fengjiang has primarily worked in the Loess Plateau, Guanzhong Basin, Henan Province.


James's primary research interests within archaeomalacology include palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, assessing environmental variability and social complexity, and investigating issues of human diet and migration. He is presently conducting research in three major areas; Kodiak Island in Alaska, East Timor, and the Kuril Islands in the Russian Far East. His research in the Kuril Islands will start next year as a pilot project in conjuction with the Kuril Biocomplexity Project, and will investigate issues of human migration and diet, as well as palaeoenvironmental reconstruction. For a selection of James's publications, please refer to the publications page.