AMWG meetings

The AMWG has regular meetings; both at 4-yearly ICAZ conferences and independent meetings between conferences.  Additionally, many of our members are also involved in conferences organised outside of ICAZ.  

Details of our meetings since 2002 can be found here:

Independent meetings of the AMWG

Gainesville, Florida, USA 2005

Santander, Spain, 2008

Cairns, Australia, 2012

Kirkwall, Orkney Island, 2016

ICAZ conference-based meetings of the AMWG

Mexico City, Mexico, 2006

Paris, France, 2010

San Rafael, Argentina, 2014

Non-ICAZ archaeomalacology meetings

‘Shell Energy’, Dakar, Senegal, 2008

EQMal conference, Szeged, Hungary, 2010